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keeping with the theme of the last posting, I stll have multiple sclerosis and I’ve learned that I’m gonna be ok. aside from missing the freedom of driving I really miss having a job, being on temporary vacation might “sound” like a good thing, but it truly is horrible. you might think to yourself “why don’t you volunteer somewhere? or get as job on-line?” I’d love nothing more than to do that but there are too many factors that prevent that… 1 thing that comes to mind retrobulbar optic neuritis, my brains connection to my vision has been damaged, it was worse before in the sense that I used to have a big grey cloud hanging out in my field of vision. I am somewhat better in that can I can read books again. my vision has gotten somewhat better. other factors that keeps me inside is fatigue, sensitvity to temperature (extreme hot, cold) that can easily fatigue me, mood swings and last but not least sudden bouts of sudden ‘meh I don’t wanna do this anymore.



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Regarding Ricky

In true ‘ricky’ fashion I have neglected to tend to these musings/thoughts in quite some time. For the longest time (about 3 years or so) I have been having the hardest time getting around, and feeling my legs**(my legs have had intermittent numbing). At the first on-set I just wrote it off as some weird fluke, perhaps some Floridian voodoo I wasn’t to familiar with. It started off as a minor numbing in one leg that seemed to coincide with the cold (November-march) and it would seem to fade or not be as noticable once the warm season started. I remember that first year I saw a G.P. who ran his tests and diagnosed me with a b-12 deficiency.

I guess it because I don’t like to trust doctors but I really didn’t put too much stock in that diagnosis. Well regardless I followed or semi-followed that doctors orders, once the warm season started again it seemed that everything was fine or just ‘fine enough’. As long as my foot didn’t plop off I was fine enough to work….

When the ‘cold’ season came back I immediately wrote it off as b-12 nonsense. With the end of the first spell and well into the second ‘go around’ I was really prone to loosing my balance and I mean REALLY loosing my balance. Thank God for the flea market, I ended up buying this nifty ergonomic cane (aside from someone making an occasional pimp joke – life was ok.)

Fast forward a bit to cold season ’09, at about the onset of winter I remember that it felt like my feet would sometimes be burning (at work) and not in a jock-itch burn but in an acetylene torch kind of burn. I was also having an exceptionally difficult time trying to get around. I waited for my wife to come home from a trip before I went back into the emergency room. (actually the second time I went I went in with the assistance of an ambulance since I couldn’t walk under my own volition).

Modesty is a luxury

on my first day, while people twirl all around my bed and disappear off to hidden corners I just lay there. While all this is going down there are other powers that be in the hospital analyzing specific MRIs and other such tests. While I lay there with an ever-growing belly, I was doing my best to put on a braveface.

The diagnosis we eventually received didn’t come as  a surprise because the neurologists were saying it all along.

Multiple Sclerosis

I’ll end todays entry with this…. I try not to be too schmaltzy (despite what my wife says) I’ve never been an avid reader of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books, I’ve been blessed with an amazing wife, one that worries way too much for one person, 

                in order to not over diagnose myself I’ve limited myself to what I’ve learned about MS… this tends to work for me.

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What I’m not liking

I haven’t learned anything lately so I thought I’d rather share things that I don’t like or I’m not enjoying.

The continued coverage of Jon Goselin, while I try not to take sides in psuedo-z list celebrity wars I can’t help but want to drive a screw driver into my ear whenever his name is mentioned. I don’t feel sorry for him nor his estranged wife because I don’t approve of ANYONE procreating to the point where they have THAT many children. so about 10 things to hate right there.

The New York Yankees, Yankees fans, their continued sense of smugness (both Yankees and their fans) enough said I just don’t like either of the two.

The Fox News channel and their completely BS so-called fair and balanced act, many people seem to be fooled and that’s quite unfortunate. When you claim to be non-partisan and you OPENLY tell you’re readers/viewers HOW to take part in tea-party demonstrations you are CLEARLY picking a side, in that same vein I highly doubt that they (or their local affiliates) wouldn’t dare tell their viewers were to go to a healthcare rally but would probably tell them which rally they can take a Kalashnikov to.


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Revisiting V

                                             *****spoilers ahead*****

Some of the creepiest TV moments from my childhood (aside from sitcoms having that requisite “special show” pedophile episode) revolve around the sci-fi cult classic “V”. From the craptacular special effects, the claymation Diana deep throating a guinea pig or Robin giving birth to a scaly puppet with a grunting problem, (when I was 7-8 years old some of the effects were pretty scary). Tonight ABC premiered a re-boot of the classic and the update seems to hold its own. The major roles have been adequately cast, the major drama this time around is focused in New York and in keeping with the times theres alot of talk of sleeper cells and national security. I do appreciate how this version makes the claim that the visitors have already been on earth for some time and have already placed themselves into society in all kinds of roles. Somethings I don’t miss, the dated red jumpsuit with the “Thriller” jacket top, the modulated voices from the visitors.

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I’m letting go

this year I finally decided to start living with the fact that it’s ok to stop mourning the events of September 11th. (for ME in MY life) 

some time has passed (obviously), aside from the fact that I was located near downtown Manhattan on that day, NOTHING makes me any more different or special than any other human being alive. So I’ve decided to not be catatonic looking at footage on MSNBC or any news outlets on the anniversary. For the longest time I equated “We will not forget..” with “I will stay glued to the tv and re-live the horror ” every year. I don’t mean this as an insult to anyone still trying to come to grips with the tragedies,

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what I’ve learned (these past couple of months/weeks)

….. I’m still a fan of Judd Apatow’s movies but I can NOT get into Jeremy Piven, the only way that I could sit through one of his movies is if John or Joan Cusack is in it. (for me the inclusion of both or either of the Wonder Cusacks  brings a sense of normalcy to Pivens over the top acting)

….. the more I mow my lawn, the more it grows, it DOESN’T stop! I do tend to have my Hank Hill moments where I can stand there and appreciate my lawn but living in a sub-tropical climate does have its drawbacks.

….. in time I might actually watch a movie that has Channing Tatum in it

….. I’ve been to busy with unpacking and the move that I haven’t been able to get into a book recently… more of a statement rather than something I learned

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What the nerds hath wrought….

In regards to the mayhem that is going on at the 09′ San Diego Comic Con, I’m … kind of stuck in the middle.

It seems to me that the original purpose of Comic Con was for comic book fans, nerds, geeks and dweebs alike to come together. Eventually it morphed from a small’ish’ convention with book publishers, sci-fi show stars and the occasional big name into a mongrel whore fest fit to be covered in People magazine.  I’d normally complain over things like Twilight being there when, to me, it doesn’t seem like it’s a part of geek culture, but just because it’s not a part of MY geek culture doesn’t mean that it doesn’t resonate with a person younger than myself. (side note, I really shouldn’t knock those books at all, it appeals to a wide audience and it’s not written in abbreviated txt speak so it can’t be all that bad)

What did stand out to me was a pic I saw on Yahoo of Rumer Willis, one of the girls from “The Hills” (or one of its equivalents) and they were promoting a movie about sororitygirls, (I didn’t stick around long enough to even get a gyst of what the movie was about) , it boggles my mind is to why that’s even being marketed there. The “SDCC” ,as I’ve seen it being dubbed, has really turned into another example of Hollywood  self aggrandizing itself to death.

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Revenge of the Fallen

I have returned from an early morning viewing of, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and as you’d suspect I liked it very much.  Now I feel I might have to preface this with the fact that my fanaticism falls directly between the sort of fan who’d tattoo Transformers insignia’s on his arms and the sort of fan who’d name their children Optimus, Arcee and Starscream. A few parts of the movie I really liked: Bumblebee, “transformed” from comic relief in part 1 to a semi-ass kicking son of a mother in part 2. Soundwave and “Rampage”: I left that name in quotes because to me the Decepticon spy/Jaguar will always be RAVAGE, (only a few letters difference I know, but still) just the MERE inclusion of this team made me smile. The Matrix: NO! not Keanu, fans of the 1986 movie will remember the premise behind the Autobot Matrix of leadership and how it will “Light our darkest hour..” yada yada, well this time around it’s included, I will not explain beyond that. The inclusion of Arcee and the constructicons was another bright spot.

Some not so great parts, Skids and Mudflap (voiced by Spongebob himself, Tom Kenny), ::sigh:: somewhere an executive remembered Darius McCrary’s performance as Jazz and asked themselves “How can we duplicate this but make it more racist and more insulting to the viewer? ANSWER: twin autobots complete with gold teeth, the capacity to pop caps in asses, etc; I was waiting for one of them to declare their victory as DY-NO-MITE.   and last but not least, the inclusion of Devastators nards….. you will have to see it to believe it.

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busy work

what I’ve learned this past few days…

… having a moderately successful show on basic cable which examines you and your life and how you exploit your children is NEVER a GOOD IDEA. I don’t believe in schadenfreude, but in the case of Kate Gosselin I welcome it! Where the hell do I start?

… the real estate market seems to be doing better, particularly where me and the Mrs. are looking to rent.

… sometimes a good movie can be a great escape (I’ll blog about it in a moment)

…  in the end, patience can be a virtue

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we did

… we finally made it down the aisle, or in our case down the sidewalk toward the gazebo.

The reception went better than I had planned. No fights, no loud words. Being legally drunk for 80 percent of the day didn’t hurt matters any. Most of the food didn’t go to waste, more than half of the keg was consumed, and Porky the Slaughtered Pig was delicious.

I’m by NO means an expert on anything let alone married life, but from what I’ve felt so far… it’s not all too different from living together in sin.

on a boat

we made it to the boat despite some last minute scares. We quickly adapted to the cruise lifestyle, lounging around and drinking drinking DRINKING! The ports of call were as I imagined they’d be. Aside from Hemingway’s house and some assorted stops here and there, Key West seems like one big happy hour, by 2 o’clock we were suffering from heat exhaustion so beer was the last thing on our minds.

Cozumel was the second stop on the drunk americas tour. I felt like i was in the middle of George Lopez’s comedy act, I couldn’t help but think of him while we were walking through the plazas “My fren my fren, looka mira, you like belts?” The pressure was on for the vendors because our boat was the first one that had docked at the port in 40 days, the Governor of the region was there and so were the local media. Cozumel was definitely worth while, we took an educational tour/Hiking tour through the Mexican desert in San Gervasio,Cozumel learning about Mayan culture. Apparently honeymooners have been making pilgrimages to Cozumel since Mayan times, according to our guide the site at San Gervasio was the stop all newlyweds made in order to pay respect to the fertility gods.

Our third stop was Belize City in Belize, like Cozumel we made another educational tour. We toured another Mayan site and we really enjoyed ourselves. What we learned (aside from the obvious educational stuff) chubby people shouldn’t hike especially in a tropical climate.

Meanwhile, ON THE BOAT! we ate our weight in steaks,lobster, chicken and deserts.

And back on land I developed an inner ear infection when I got back, not to fun when the room spinning but your sober.

Next Obstacle, finding and moving into a new house

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